Bens donation of £422

Ben wanted to support the children that are in hospital and make a difference to their time spent on the wards along with their families so he decided to challenge himself.

He got his family and friends to sponsor him to do 20 chin and press ups every day for a month. He managed to complete this mammoth challenge and raised a fantastic sum.

He has decided that he wants the funds to start our WRAP (Woodcock Relaxation Area for Parents) Appeal where we are aiming to provide a dedicated room for parents to take time out and recuperate whilst still being close the their children who are on the ward. We want to provide a new kitchen and eating area along with a relaxing seating area, a quiet room where private conversations and reflection can take place and to create a child friendly fun décor for the new shower room that is going to be fitted.

Sue Rodgers, Play Specialist Team Leader and fundraising co-ordinator said “Ben is such a thoughtful young man, who understands others needs and wanted to make a difference. He has done this in such a spectacular way and we can’t thank him enough in starting our appeal off with such a large donation.”

If you think you can help raise funds for this cause please contact Sue Rodgers on or 01752 430129.