Cube Appeal

Cube Appeal

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We are looking to raise funds to create child/teenage friendly rooms where patients feel relaxed and at home.  For those patients that have to be in a cubicle due to their conditions, we want to make the space more user friendly.

We are looking to put new, less clinical looking, flooring, splashes of colour with colourful furnishing and TV’s with games consoles so they can watch DVDs whatever time they wake.

At the moment our cubicles are practical but as you can see not very inspiring.


Cubicle on Woodcock Ward


cubicle on Wildgoose Ward

You wouldn’t see any difference between the 2 wards even though there is a big age difference.

The type of cubicles we would like to provide are …….

colourful cublicle

colourful cubicle

Unfortunately we can’t make them larger but with some colour and imagination we can make them feel so different.

new cubicle

wanted cubicle

We have 16 cubicles across Level 12 and each cubicle will cost approx. £3000 each to full fit the rooms.  It may seem a lot of money but it will make such a difference to the patients, especially those who are confined to their rooms for weeks at a time.

If you want to help us raise the total of £48000 to do all the rooms either by making a donation or perhaps your company would like to sponsor a room (or 2??) we would love to hear from you.

Please see our contact page.

July 2017

And the work begins !!!!

We have finally stared the work on the cubicles on Woodcock Ward.

cupboard removal cubie 7

Cupboard removal cubie 7

The first stage is removing the cupboards that are in each of the cubicles to create a more flexible space.




cupboard removal cubie 6

cupboard removal cubie 6

Once this has done we will be installing new flooring.


Outside cubies 6 & 7

outside cubies 6 & 7

The doors to the cupboards that were outside of the cubicles have also been removed.

Love it when a plan starts to come together.

Any support you can give us to enable us to do this to the other 9 cubicles would be appreciated.

May 2017

Thanks to a grant from Santander we have been able to create a sensory cubicle on Woodcock Ward.


sensory ceiling lights 2

sensory ceiling lights 2




This was the beginning of the refurbishment of the cubicles.




sensory cubicle ceiling lights



Magic ceiling lights, helps our young patients to relax, particularly when the main lights are off.

sensory cubicle projector

sensory cubicle projector





A projector that we can change the theme to give a variety for our patients to see.




This cubicle is used by our younger patients who need to be isolated and therefore unable to use our sensory room.

By having these items fitted in the cubicle enables parents to use the equipment as soon as they arrive.

We have had excellent feedback from patients and parents.

Next stage is to able to paint this room once it is empty which as you will have seen in the media all hospitals are very busy at this time.

December 2017

The removal of cupboards, painting and new flooring have been completed in 16 out of our 18 Cubicles.  The last 2 will be finished when the wards are a little quieter.

Wildgoose Cubicle C

Wildgoose cubicle C

Wildgoose Cubicle B

Wildgoose Cubicle B









We are awaiting the arrival of 5 Smart TV’s for Wildgoose cubicles and new TV/DVD’s for Woodcock cubicles.  They should be arriving any time soon.  We are aiming to change the blinds to match the feature wall and some of the cubicles will have their own fridges.

Once all of this work is completed, we will be reviewing the rooms with our long term and regular patients to see if there are any further items that we can provide.  So watch this space!!