CYPOD play area

CYPOD Play Area

August 2016

CYPOD is our Children and Young Peoples Outpatient Department where patients come for appointments with specialised consultants, physiotherapists and specialist nurses.

These appointments can be for regular check-ups or to have specific discussions to help with diagnosis of issues that the child or young person maybe having.

With the help of the League of Friends and our donators we have been able to update the play area.

Cypod play area 1

Cypod play area 1

cypod play area 2

cypod play area2

The Play Area had been the same for over 15 years and has worked well during this time but was looking very tired.

Children’s Happy Hospital Fund aimed to create a child friendly space which has interactive panels along with some puzzles on the inside and outside of the panels.


The whole area has cost £6100 for the panels which we are pleased to say that the League of Friends Derriford paid for and CHHF paid for the fitting and new equipment within the area.  This has made a huge difference to how the space is used by the children who are attending the department and has given them activities that they can play whilst waiting and ensuring that toys are not left across the floor causing hazards.

All support given is always appreciated.