How we helped

How we help

How we have helped with various projects on Level 12, paediatric areas within the hospital, providing equipment for our community team and helping with specific equipment for our patients.

We are constantly looking across Level 12 to see where Children’s Happy Hospital Fund can help to make a difference.  We encourage paediatric areas within the hospital to apply for funds to help them create child friendly environments particularly where children visit for appointments and treatment.

We talk to patients, families and the staff to see where we can help by improving facilities in a way that is over and above what the NHS provide.  We look for equipment that might make a difference i.e. parent beds, additional chairs and parent rooms.  We also link in with other areas within the hospital where children may attend for specific treatment or scans which may benefit from anything from toys to specific equiipment.

Here is a few of our projects where we have helped.

CYPOD Play Area                  Seans’ refurbished wheelchair

Sensory Room                         Cube Appeal      

Teenage Lounge                       CAU waiting room

Sensory Cubicle                        Entertainment

Boy wheelchair logo

Small ways we helped


We are constantly looking for suggestions and are happy to receive these from anyone that use the services within the hospital.