Lewannick Amateur Dramatic Society

Last February my son, Thomas, had to have an operation down on Children’s Theatres, and afterward we were moved up to CHDU. This is where I first learnt about the CHHF and the work they do at the Hospital.

Lewannick Amateur Dramatic Society

I’ve been involved with Lewannick Amateur Dramatic Society for 29 years, and every March at our AGM, we nominate local charities to receive 50% of our profits, so this year I suggested the CHHF, and along with Cornwall Downs Syndrome Support, they got the vote.

Throughout the year we hold a variety of fundraising events, this all goes towards the Core of putting on our annual panto, so that all the proceeds from the production can be given to charity. This year we were able to give away the fantastic sum of £2500 in total, and I’m delighted that CHHF were able to receive 25% of that, a Grand total of £625.00.

This donation is going to help with the new WRAP appeal, WOODCOCK RELAXATION AREA for PARENTS, which is launching in May. This is to raise £50,000 to help create a specific area for parents to relax and have time to themselves without having to leave the ward, a quiet room to enable privacy to have private conversations or process information that has been given, along with a new child friendly wet/bathroom for the patients to use easily.

If you think you can help raise funds for this cause please contact Sue Rodgers on chhf@nhs.net or 01752 430129.