July 2017

The revamp of the cubilces have begun.

cupboard removal cubie 6

cupboard removal cubie 6

Outside cubies 6 & 7

outside cubies 6 & 7

The first 2 cubicles have had their cupboards removed.

June 2017


New Chairs for Children’s Assessment Unit waiting room

Friday the new chairs that we have purchased arrived for the children’s assessment waiting room.

4 chairs for CAU

chairs for CAU

We have purchased 2 sets of 4 chairs along with a set of 3 and another set of 2 to ensure that there is always seating available for those that patients and parents who are waiting to see one of our Doctors.

2 chairs

more chairs for CAU

We have already had good feedback by patients and their parents/carers and from the staff on CAU who are glad that there is always chairs in the waiting room.


Cube Appeals Launches!!!

We are looking to refurbish the 16 cubicles across Level 12

Children’s wards.

Cube appeal link

We are aiming to raise funds to enable work to start during Level 12 calmer period, over the summer.  We hope to have as many cubicles completed over this time.

Thanks to PwC, Santander and TSB we have already got sufficient funds to refurbish 5 cubicles which is a brilliant start.

Now we need your help to be in a position to refurbish as many other cubicles as possible during the summer.

Please contact us if you are able to help us!!!