Outpatient Appointment Centre Team Donation

We received a fantastic donation today of £1106.36 from the Outpatient Appointment Centre team who chose Children’s Happy Hospital Fund as their charity of 2018. Ian Collins, Contact Centre Manager at University Hospitals Plymouth, is feeling particularly proud of his Outpatient Appointment Centre (OAC) Contact Centre team, after they managed to donate an impressive £1,106.36 towards the Children’s Happy Hospital Fund (CHHF).

Each year, the OAC Contact Centre select a charity to focus on, and it was CHHF who were the beneficiaries for 2018. To raise the funds, the team organised regular events throughout the year. Events such as a Halloween themed fancy dress day, a Christmas jumper day, and an impressive ten-million steps team challenge, along with various other raffle events scattered throughout their fundraising calendar. “Having spoken to the team about what motivates them to contribute, I can say that it’s generally the feeling that their efforts will make a positive difference to the children who need to visit the hospital for whatever reason,” said Ian. “It doesn’t matter how big, or small, the contribution each person has made. What matters is that they have achieved this as a team and had fun along the way doing it. It’s nice for the team to take part in activities that gets them away from the phones for a while and off their seats. I couldn’t be prouder of my team and all that they have done this year to help raise for the Children’s Happy Hospital Fund.” And, as Ian explained, it is the children visiting the hospital who will benefit from the efforts of the OAC fundraisers.

“We are currently looking to update the various play areas across level 12 and these funds will help us provide fun and friendly spaces for our young patients. I’d like to say a huge heartfelt thank you to everyone at the Outpatient Appointment Centre for their brilliant efforts,” said Sue Rodgers, CHHF fundraising co-ordinator and Play Service Team Leader. “It was lovely to meet everyone who took part in the fundraising and being able to thank them personally, as this amount of money will make a huge difference to the resources that we can provide,” she added.