Sensory Room

Sensory Room

March 2014

We started with an empty space created from the Play Service store cupboard and a small section of the Activity Centre with the hope we could create a Sensory Room.

Room to Sensory Room

Room to Start Sensory Room

And with your help we have been able to achieve a fantastic room.

Sensory Room Opening
June 2014

Sensory Room opening

Chris, Chairperson, and Poppy-Lee opening sensory room.


Sensory Room Opening

Poppy-Lee Officially opening the Sensory Room




The sensory room was opened by Poppy-Lee. She is one of our regular patients who helped us with the fundraising.



We would like to thank all who helped us achieve this fantastic room. I am happy to let you all know that the room is being used on a daily basis and all the children love it.

Various Companies, groups and individuals helped to raise the funds to enable CHHF to finance the creation of the fantastic Sensory Room.

This includes donations from

Poppy Lee Rodgers                    £1446.40
St Mawes Primary School        £   175.51
Sher fitness                                 £   170.00
Serco                                            £    131.85
Fine Tubes                                  £   200.00
SAA                                              £ 1330.00
Esso Outland Road                   £   805.00
Shinner – HMS Rally                £ 1215.34
Wolferstones                             £ 400.00
Boringdon Primary School    £    90.00



Sensory Room

Sensory Room






We now have a stimulating or relaxing, dependent on which equipment is used, space which all the patients and parent/carers really enjoy and appreciate.

It is a fun space and be accessed, with a member of staff, by anyone that could benefit from this enchanting room.  It is used on a daily basis.


We have been able to add to our sensory room with a Grant of £5000 from Variety Charity.

They have enabled us to create a Dark Room with the help of a specialised UV light tile, along with a large bean bag which has UV cane fibre optic lights and various UV toys for the patients to use.

Boloras Light

Borealis light


They also gave us money to add a Borealis light which has numerous colours and patterns to engage with our patients.

They also help fund some of our Sensory Cubicle.