Small ways we helped in hospital

Small ways we helped in hospital over the last few years.

Small ways we helped in hospital over the last few years where Children’s Happy Hospital Fund have aimed to help in lots of different ways from the large projects such as the Sensory Room, CAU waiting room and Teenage Lounge but they also look to help with some of the smaller items that can make a big difference.

We have also helped the community nursing team as well as individual patients where there is a specific need.

Listed below are just a few of the items we have bought over the last few years.


Lego CT Scanner

Lego CT Scanner

Lego MRI and CT scanner models for the Play Service to use with patients

  • Lego MRI Scanner

      Lego MRI Scanner

    Arts and crafts for the Play Service to use with the patients.

    2016 and Before

  • Glucose Machine for CAU
  • Chairs across all areas on Level 12
  • Parent Beds – to enable parents to be able to sleep next to their children.

    quiet room on CYPOD

    quiet room on CYPOD

  • Decorations – including wall stickers, Christmas and Easter decorations, art work
  • Parent Rooms – for Parents/carers of patients on Children’s High Dependency Unit.
  • Quiet Room – Psychology team use with their patients and their families.
  • Equipment for the Physiotherapists



  • Adjustable table for a patient in a wheel chair
  • Sensory Equipment for the Play Service
  • Toys for Dermatology department
  • Christmas Gifts for Emergency Department
  • Child friendly Height measuring machine
  • Baby Alarm for hearing impaired parents.