Wish list

What we regularly need to buy

Arts and Crafts for one patient per day                                                 –   From £5.00

Activity Packs i.e. lego/knex/duplo                                                        –   from £40

PS3 & PS4 games                                                                                        –    from £5.00 2nd hand

Additional thermometers                                                                         –  £30 each

DVD’s                                                                                                            – from £10 each


Wish List

Parent chair/beds to enable parents to stay with their child             –    £800 each

Mobile interactive magic carpet                                                               –   £7995

Cublicle refurbishment – see our projects page                                     –   £3000 per cubicle

TV’s for patient cubicles – various sizes       x 3                                       –   £200 each approx.

TV/DVD combo for patient cubics               x 11                                      –   £250 each approx.

Interactive Magic Carpet for the main corridore/physio area            –   £6995 + £695                                                                                                                                              installation

Scanner for CHDU                                                                                       –   £24,000


We aim to utilise donations to their full potential.  This could be by buying items that are used by a lot of our patients and parents to some individual items that are specific to particular patients with specialised issues.