WRAP Appeal


We are launching a new appeal to raise £50,000 to create and provide a new parent kitchen, eating area and relaxing space along with a quiet room for private conversations as well as creating a child friendly, large bathroom.

We have the opportunity to provide our parent/carers a dedicated space for them to be able to have quality relaxation and recuperation time. This is a facility that we have wanted to provide rather than the small kitchen area that is available at the moment and with changes that are being made on Woodcock Ward; we have an opportunity to create this.

Listening to our parents and carers, we aim to provide a room with a kitchen area, a dedicated eating space as well as soft seating to create a recreational room for parents to unwind and support each other whilst still being close to their children. Alongside this, we recognise the need for a quiet room where discussions around the care of our young patients can be made in a private environment. Again we aim to make this a calm space where parents are able to process any issues they have.

The hospital is aiming to provide a new bathroom for Woodcock ward. This will be fully fitted with all that is needed for our patients but we want to be in a position to provide ‘that little bit more’ by creating a child friendly environment with your help. Having had discussions with Parents, Staff and patients we want to make the most of these changes and need your help to provide this.

If you feel you can help please contact Children’s Happy Hospital Fund on chhf@nhs.net or 430129 and speak to Sue Rodgers.